Supporting circular fashion Buy-Back Scheme

When the party is over, and you’re in the mood for something new in anticipation of the next one, why sacrifice style and compromise on quality when you can inject newness into your wardrobe?

Better yet, while we provide you with another gorgeous new piece, you have the chance to support our circular economy.

In dedication to more sustainable practices, within the first year of owning your bespoke cape by Modistyle London, you’ll have the chance to exchange it back to us in return for a new, discounted style, tailor-made for you by local artisans.

And now you might be curious as to what happens to the cape you return to us.

Thanks to our timeless take on fashion through our modern yet classic capes, elegant beading, and a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re able to offer the returned capes to the rental market and service those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy our capes – or to those who enjoy a touch of newness just like you!

Cut in three different lengths, made to suit your personal style with an array of beading options, and now with the chance to participate in sustainably conscious luxury fashion – our bespoke capes truly are the gift that keeps on giving.